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workshop series

The method used by Simona Deaconescu concentrates on the creation of “a body of the future”, that functions on the principle of contradiction, a tensionate combination of fragility and superpower, alienated and connected with the exterior in the same time, organized and fluid, capable of absorbing and transforming the flow of information in hallucinatory ways. The counterbody is using both physical and performative tools in order to create a parallel reality, in which multiple personalities inhabit one single body, speed, and gravity change their normal functions and stories about hidden sensations unravel.
The workshop is based on progressive layered work. In the first part the participants are guided to unlearn their own body from habits and patterns in order to get the “empty body”. The second part of the workshop concentrates on adding layers that improve the elasticity of the muscles, the dynamics of the joints, the capacity to push against gravity and experience the vortex sensation, ways of manipulating the speed and understanding the volumetric quality of the body. The third part introduces the idea of “body as a machine” and the multiple ways in which a dancer can use text, sound and sensorial imagery in order to transfer information and reach a state of abstract emtional thinking. In this last part dancers are asked to associate and dissociate meaning in a rather playful and intuitive way.
Simona’s method is an ongoing process and has developed over 7 years of working with trained dancers and amateurs and resulted in a performance that premiered in 2017.