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3 - 5 days workshop

The workshop proposes the exploration of theoretical and practical knowledge of experimental dance film, a genre which is known as cine-dance, video dance, dance for the camera, screendance. During this workshop we will learn the basics involved in the creation of a choreography for the camera as well as cinematographic notions (framing, camera angles, lighting, camera movement, editing etc.), presented in a practical way on a filmed dance material. The students will learn to make a shooting script, to plan a shooting and to handle a camera and an audio recording system. All this exercises will be explored in the work-room in such a way that each theoretical aspect can be understood through practice. During the workshop the students will be encouraged to either create a new choreography for a movie or adapt an existing one. Those who don’t have dance experience can choose to film and direct a movement material created by their colleagues. The students will work in groups with the purpose of creating a one-shot dance film of one minute.
  See the results of the latest workshop here.

The workshop was developed by Simona Deaconescu for I.D.M.P.A. (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts), a course integrated in GROWASP – Ground for Research and Education, a programme organised by 4Culture Association and WASP – Working Art Space and Production.