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The intensive workshop offers tools for understanding and creating movement based on principles studied by science, such as gravitation, sound propagation an the cognitive body. 


We will experiment with basic movement techniques creating an efficient body, moving restless through the space. The purpose is that the movement should be installed without effort, organic and natural. We will work with breath as movement flow generator, using gravitational force to create intricate movement that seems impossible at first sight, linking the joints and the parts of our body with different dynamics. We are looking for a healthy body dancing with awareness in space, using speed as a vector for the floating body. This kind of structure has been developed by Simona while working with amateur dancers for 4 years now and it offers some specific tools of floating parallel with the ground, finding control while being off-balanced, training the ear to hear different sounds and link them to the movement. Simona is trying to create a teaching technique that helps anyone understand movement while doing it, as sincere as possible, prior experience to the course being not necessary at all. Through her works and teachings she wants people to be aware of the immense possibilities of their bodies when all the senses are working in the same time and the brain and the body make a powerful link.


The intensive course is designed for people that have worked before with movement and performance. We are going to concentrate our attention on always putting our bodies in a non-passive state by working against gravity rules, suspending our bodies in the space, coordinating them with a range of rhythm dynamics. We are getting creative discovering new movement by conserving a momentum of falling or rising and keeping the balance and the relaxation when doing it. Simona and Alxandra will share the ideas that stand for Tangaj Dance Collective aesthetics: organic flow, urban swing, risks taken both in movement but also when making performative choices, putting the body horizontally towards the ground, using the principles of science to understand and create movement. A special interest will be given toward working with sound, text, abstract thinking and exhaustion. These principles will be put also in working with a partner or in group. 

Both courses offer tools for understanding and creativity.