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3 -5 days video installation workshop

An intensive workshop based on interdisciplinary composition techniques, concentrating on the study of movement of the body as connected to the movement of the camera, methods of selection and augmentation of the body, the dynamics and rhythm of the elements, the trajectory from concept and the material, associations and dissociations of the corporal realm with sound and text, the superimposing of different layers and the alteration of the viewer's perspective. Working mainly with the video medium, the students develop basic knowledge about working with a video camera, editing and video projection surface. The atmosphere of the workshop is relaxed and based on experimentation and discovery with a playful rhythm, encouraging the students to discover new things about the way they perceive their bodies trough intuition and (re)contextualisation. The exercises are materialised in group installations presented at the end of the workshop days.
  See the results of the last worksop here.  

The workshop was developed by Simona Deaconescu for I.D.M.P.A. (Innovative Directions in Multimedia and Performing Arts), a course integrated in GROWASP – Ground for Research and Education, a programme organised by 4Culture Association and WASP – Working Art Space and Production.