performative installation | 20 min | 2019

15 dancers from North America, Australia and Europe build a collective discursive body defined by tension, emotion and volume. Their movement becomes a network of interconnected activities and a cumulative system, in which the perception is dual and causes a visual deflection. Transitions are erased, contributing to an exploration of non-intentions in an ecosystem that accumulates and degrades over time.

“Sons and Daughters” is a performative installation work, inspired by the post-punk atmosphere and the cyber art of the ‘70 and ’80s. The installations looks back to forms of social dancing as stage diving, crowd surfing and moshing, and continues Simona Deaconescu’s research on (inter)subjectivity, embodiment and the crisis of perception. Rather than going for aggressiveness, the installation induces a sense of constant accumulation that never reaches a conclusion.


When Andre Lepeki talks about subjectivity, he quotes Deleuze on the matter: “Subjectivity is to be understood as a performative power, as the possibility of life to be constantly invented and reinvented <<as a mode of intensity, not a personal subject.” Seen as a consensual release of emotions, the post-punk acts of embodiment are rooted in social alienation and apathy, yet a desire to find the individual freedom. Being the sons and daughters of the hippie generation, this “enfants terribles” of post-punk tried to escape the collective melding and went for an individual self-actualization. The post-punk era is considered one of the most visionary and future oriented from recent history. Many of the principles of this particular movement (especially the ones concerning the the ideas of systems, organisms and self-emancipation) could be (re)cycled and (re)discussed in dance.

Ideas as tension and convulsion can feed the body as principles of either holding or reacting back to the world. In this regard, space functions as a realm of possibilities, flexible and accessible to the audience and susceptible to disruption. The work explores the subtle sensation of participation based on the concept of proximity, framed in an analog soundscape, that dislocates and delays the information.

“Sons and Daughters” was developed in June 2019 in the frame of Springboard Danse Montreal, as part of the Emerging Choreographers Programme and was presented to the audience on June 28 at Usine C.

The makers

Choreography Simona Deaconescu

Sound composition Monocube

Dancers Sarah Mugglebee, Noah Wang, Rhys Ryan, Jess Mak, Quinn Dixon, Eowynn Enquist, Johnny Mathews III, Austin Lichty, Kimie Parker, Sophia Oddi, Aliza Russell, Adrian Deleeuw, Lauren Reed, Jordan Lang, Christiana Hunte


June 2019 in Springboard Danse Montreal @Usine C


Commissioned by Springboard Danse Montreal

Produced by Tangaj Collective

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