performance, 40 min, 2013


The Dream Factory is populated by multitasking human bodies, altered by the informational boom. The owners of the moving bodies react to sensations of sound and image found on social media sites and television, their cognitive processes are industrialized, their personal lifetime dream becomes one collective story.


The performance is the pilot of a serial project initiated by the Tangaj Dance Company, placing dance in a linear equation with science and social media. Intricate choreograhy, virtual images, distorted chroma designed silhouettes, x-rays, cardiowaves of the human body and psychotomimetic soundtrack gather in a synergic manner in order to create one single image.


Choreographer Simona Deaconescu

Visual composition Codrin Iftodi

Music composition Denis Bolborea

Light design Catalin Nicolescu

Dancers Razvan Stoian, Dragos Istvan Rosu/Denis Bolborea, Irina Stefan, Alexandra Balasoiu, Vlad Merariu/Cristian Hariga/Alex Bordea, Simona Deaconescu


Premiere date: November 2013 at The National Center of Dance Bucharest

Also presented Downtown Dance Festival #3 New York, The European Film Festival (guest performance), Romanian Dance Showcase (CNDB) and toured in Romania in Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Brasov and more.


Producer Tangaj Dance, x si 0 Dance Project

Official partner The National Center of Dance Bucharest

Happiness just changed its address – you can no longer find it on Hope Street, downstairs. Maybe it was temporarily visiting or maybe it has an unstable character. In Room 0001 happiness has the chance to choose its own characters. Caught into a charm of their own illusions, the dancers have the nicest ability of constantly swinging between dreams and reality, stepping sometimes in the <<the corner of happiness>>, a piece of an imaginary hopscotch in which all the circles and the recurrences have been annihilated. All that is left is linear, fluent and the only sinusoids you can find are belonging to the mercenary bodies.

Maria Comandașu, Postmodern Magazine