April 20, 2019 / h 20:00 / LINOTIP – Independent Choreographic Center

In Aftertaste the body becomes unformed, disjointed and made up of infinite particles of information, creating an impression of a constant coming back. It may be the map of madness, a performance with no beginning and no ending, where the body constantly returns to zero and beyond zero. The information travels with multiple speeds, forward and backward, through the bodies and the sound machines.

Aftertaste premiered in eXplore dance festival #10 at WASP-Working Art Space and Production and was further presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art Bucharest, FIX Theatre Iasi, REACTOR Theatre Cluj-Napoca, Ambasada Timisoara, dotdotdot festival Vienna (AT), Altofest Festival (IT).


"Golden Dragon" by Roland Schimmelpfennig

March 15 – May 11, 2019 
Physical theatre piece on the way.

Simona Deaconescu will work on her 5th collaboration with theatre director Catinca Draganescu, for the staging of “Golden Dragon” by Roland Schimmelpfennig. The piece will premiere on the 8th of May in Andrei Muresanu Theatre (Sf. Gheorghe, RO).

On a typical evening, anywhere in Europe, you walk into your local emigrant restaurant, and the whole world is there. Everyone connected to everyone else, through this one place… The Golden Dragon is a funny fable of modern life and migration.


MARCH 2019

Zona Martiska_phase 1

March 24-31, 2019 
Auditions and first workshop for “Zona Martiska” performance in Torino.

Zona Martiska is an experimental project exploring the intersection between digital technology and performative art.  The Performance will be an immersive and collaborative piece in which performer and audience will merge in a unique experience of urban exploration. Inspired by the movie Stalker by Andrej Arsenevič Tarkovskij, the performance becomes an exploration, where the performer leads the public through a hybrid choreography in a space that is not usually accessible.

The workshops will take place at Lavanderia a Vapore in Collegno (TO), thanks to the collaboration and support of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo.

Preparation of "Body (in) Transition" Installation in Iran

March 4-13, 2019 
On the road for documentation and research.

Starting from the paradox of a transit space, a realm in which time returns to the 0 moment, Tangaj Collective propose a video art installation that discusses the topic of body alteration by the phenomena of traversing. The project will take place in different locations from Iran and Bucharest (RO) and will involve the work of a mixed group of Iranian and Romanian artists, coordinated by choreographer Simona Deaconescu and visual artist Ali Golmohammadzadeh.

"Sonder" @ Physical Cinema Festival Reykjavik

March 7 2019
Our dance film will be presented at Physical Cinema Festival Reykjavik in Iceland (6.30 PM).

In the center of Romania there is an open pit copper mine, enclosed by erupting sub-volcanoes. Here, man has carved an architectural rock wonder. The sounds of the machines create a mysterious symphony, while the waste paints subtle shades of blue. The walls of the pit frame an unexpected and ongoing emotional story in which vivid eruptions of feelings emerge from the dancers’ bodies. They are linked by a common story, an inherited craziness that flows invisible around them and digs deep in their subconscious.

Open Call for Performers

Deadline March 3 2019
New exciting project in Torino is looking for dancers and performers

Zona Martiska will explore a forward-looking interaction between music, architecture and the human body. The project is promoted by Coorpi and realised with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo. Simona Deaconescu and the organisers are looking for 3 super creative performers from the Torino area. The deadline for sending the application is the 3rd of March.

All the info here: https://www.flipsnack.com/EBFB7AE569B/open-call-martiska_pdf.html


Teaching in February

Feb 12 – March 3 2019
New contemporary dance classes module in Bucharest.

Choreographer Simona Deaconescu, assisted by dancer Corina Mitrovici will teach a series of contemporary dance classes (open level and intermediate level) in Universul Palace, each Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday. The classes introduce basic level elements of the Tangaj working method based on the development of a hyperbody (speed manipulation, understanding gravity, risk taking and counterintuitive approaches).

Participation in Moving Digits Workshop in Tallinn

Feb 18,19 2019 
Two days of visualising movement.

Simona Deaconescu was selected to be part of the international group of choreographers that will go to Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava (STL) for the Moving Digits Workshop. The laboratory is part of the EU Creative Europe cooperation project Moving Digits: Augmented Dance for Engaged Audience, a collaboration between institutions from Estonia, Germany, Portugal and UK. This will be a first workshop for the Moving Digits project and the base for future activities in the project.


Feb 16 2019 | 8 pm
Save the date for our brand new remake of Birdville.

Save the date and join the most immersive and intense experience created by Tangaj Collective at POINT Theatre. Four hybrid bodies create a new dystopian multiverse, at the edge of the abstract and the concrete. Birdville oscillates between super-power and fragility and uses technology to question technology.

Residency at La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne

Jan 28 – Feb 9 2019
New dance film in development.

Choreographer Simona Deaconescu alongside screenwriter and film director Cristian Pascariu will start working on a new short film in the frame of a residency at La Briqueterie CDCN du Val-de-Marne, supported by The National Dance Center Bucharest, as part of the Romania – France Season.