Simona Deaconescu is a choreographer and filmmaker, working across genres and formats. Her works explore future scenarios of the body, creating spaces in which nature and technology meet and the notion of movement extends beyond the human body. She examines social constructs, at the border of fiction and objective reality, sometimes with irony and black humour.

Simona Deaconescu holds a BA in Dance Performance and an MA in Choreography at The National University of Theatre and Film Bucharest and a BA in Film Directing at Media University Romania. In 2014 she founded Tangaj Collective and since 2015 she has been the co-founder and artistic director of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival.

Simona Deaconescu has received the danceWEB Scholarship in 2014, was an Aerowaves Twenty18 Artist and a Springboard Danse Emerging Choreographer in 2019. She has been selected as artist in residence with European Projects as Life Long Burning, Moving Digits and Biofriction. Her hybrid aesthetic and efforts to promote symbiosis of dance, film and science, were recognised with The National Centre for Dance Award in 2016, CNDB later on supporting her artistic research as an artist in residence in the France – Romania Cultural Season.

In 2020 she has created “BLOT – Body Line of Thought”, a duet with Vanessa Goodman that explores movement in relation with the bacteria in our body; “Choreomaniacs”, a commissioned group work for CNDB, in the form of a performative docufiction, which traces chronologically the events that marked the dance epidemics in Strasbourg 1518; “virtual (living) room” a VR installation where performer Kadri Sirel meets Zelda, a fake AI that mirrors her mind in a digital puzzle about the efforts of remembering the true nature of movement. Her past works include “Daughters” (2019),  “Birdville” (2018), “Counterbody” (2017), “Aftertaste” (2016), performative installations “Zona Martiska” (2019), “Retro Walk Decades to the Sun” (2018), “Spaces Alive” (2017) and short films as “body (in) transition” (2019), “Sonder” (2016) and “Silent Places” (2014).

Her works were selected and presented in festivals and conventional stages, unconventional spaces, galleries and museum, architectural sites and family houses, reaching audiences from Europe, Canada and USA. She has received grants to develop her work and tour from The Administration of the National Cultural Fund, The Romanian Cultural Institute and The Centre of Cultural Projects in Bucharest. Simona is actively teaching dance composition and dance filmmaking workshops internationally.