perfomance | 35 min | 2014/18

Birdville is a dystopian city, populated by four hybrid bodies, living in a numerical generated world. Their very existence develops itself randomly, independent of their own will. In their struggle to get control over their own emotions and thoughts, the four create a new visual and sound multiverse, at the edge of the abstract and the concrete.


Our body is a constantly evolving archive, that still presents mysteries in efficiency and perishability. It’s probably the most technological thing we’ve ever known. With each step we take, we take part in building the universe. Every time we move, we change the world. As we begin to understand these processes, we realize that we are being danced as part of an organization of activities that we do not author. 

Birdville is a software based performance, designed on three types of interactivity: movement, sound and light. Although the parameters are predefined the performance is in a constant change because of the involuntary or voluntary fluctuations in the performers’ interpretation and the infinite forms in which the animation can develop. The soundtrack is live created with the help of a looping station, manipulated by the performers themselves.

Birdville oscillates between super-power and fragility and uses technology to question technology.

the makers

Choreographer Simona Deaconescu

Dancers Denis Bolborea, Alexandra Balasoiu, Simona Dabija, Cosmin Vasile

Multimedia & Interactive Platforms KOTKI Visuals

Sound Design Denis Bolborea


October 2014 @ eXplore dance festival

April 2018 @ Nova Festival

producers & sponsors

A first version of Birdville was created in 2014 as a c0-production between Tangaj Dance, 4Culture, Life Long Burning, WASP – Working Art Space and Production and Battery Dance Company New York. Birdville was partially created during an artistic residency at Battery Dance Studios New York and was part of the cultural project “Room 0002_Dance to Kinect”, co-financed by the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and The Cultural Center of Bucharest Municipality and supported by The United States Embassy in Bucharest. The show premiered in eXplore dance festival 2014 and was later presented in Deep Space – Ars Electronica Istitute.

The latest version of Birdville was commissioned by NOVA festival and co-produced by Point Theatre in april 2018. The show is part of Point’s theatrical season in 2018 and 2019.